September 2017




Dr. Wilson, not only has had Lyme himself, but many of his family members. He works in Denton and treats his patients through various avenues, the main one being antibiotic treatment. He is extremely knowlegable in all areas regarding Lyme disease. Don’t miss out on hearing this amazing physician (LLMD).

Dr. Ronald Wilson out of Denton, TX, has been treating those with chronic and disseminated Lyme Disease and coinfections since 2004. Lyme disease had a devastating effect on his family.  Because of this, he has committed himself to improved treatment for those who suffer with Lyme disease.  To that end, he has attended every Ilads Conference since 2004, workshops, and has had to pleasure of participating in two preceptorships with recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of tick borne diseases.

“This has come at no small cost to me and my patients via the auspices of the Texas Medical Board.  I retired in 2010 from my OB/GYN and Lyme practice. However, it was obvious that the need for clinicians was too great to ignore.  So after the TMB took the asterisk off my license, I have returned to diagnose and treat patients for as long as I am allowed.”-Dr. Ronald Wilson

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