July 2017



Received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska, this was followed by one year of general surgery internship at Des Moines Iowa VA Hospital. He then entered emergency medicine practice in Denison Texas and practiced there for three years followed by one year of general practice in Denison. At that point he entered the anesthesiology residency at Parkland and finished training in 1982. After anesthesia training he practiced for eight years before joining the anesthesiology staff teaching at University of Texas Southwestern. After leaving University of Texas Southwestern he practiced general practice and weight-loss medicine, he co-authored the book “Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making You Fat”. In due course he discovered the healing potential of infrared therapy and along with his brother he developed the HD laser and begin using it therapeutically after appropriate FDA clearance. His current focus is beyond the scope of allopathic medicine and centers on using energy therapies including infrared light, vibrational therapy and magnetic therapy. Current ongoing studies with the HD laser are being done for the last five years at the University of Texas by Dr. Gonzalez-Lima, a well-known researcher. Fairly dramatic results have resulted, especially in the areas of memory and mood, by using the laser on the brain in a specific manner. Studies for depression and PTSD are currently underway. Dr. Rivera enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening and grandkids in his spare time.


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