January Meeting

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How To Remove Lyme Reservoirs and Reach A Higher Sense of Healing | Speaker: Dr. Gregory Lee

Dr. Gregory Lee is co-founder and owner of Two Frogs Healing Center, 170 West Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701. He specializes in acupuncture, Sufi healing, herbal medicine and Craniosacral technique.

He was a former NASA software contractor but after suffering from own his stress-induced injuries, he sought out alternative medicine without the negative side effects that accompanied his traditional medical care. This experience inspired him to help others through his journey to heal himself; and in 1993, when he was training on acupuncture, he realized that he was able to help others in the same way. He began full time study for three years and earned a Masters degree in Acupuncture and certification in Chinese herbs. He subsequently discovered Sufi healing, which extends one’s healing as a result of reaching within to one’s higher sense of knowing and inspiration by practicing the Remembrance.

An audio file explaining what the Remembrance is can be found at http://twofrogscenter.com/remembranceintrolow.mp3

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