January 20, 2018

Come hear Dr. Wittstadt who is traveling all the way from Germany to speak to our group on how stem cell therapy can help with Lyme disease!!! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn what stem cell therapy can accomplish and how they are treating it in Europe. One of our own has traveled to his clinic to receive his treatment—Kristina Bauer who will be facilitating this event.


“To help my patients and to maintain their quality of life. That was my claim when I opened my first practice in 2008.

I had come to the naturopathy because I could not get rid of a time article on the profession of the naturopath. The memories of the sick people who were close to me and their way of suffering brought me to the three-year all-day training at the Heilpraktikerschule in Hochheim , which I successfully completed with the medical examinations in Darmstadt.

Since then, the diseases that I have been allowed to treat have become more and more serious, and the methods have adapted to this. Today, patients with chronic diseases are coming to me: with borreliosis, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy. And also people with life-threatening illnesses.

I mainly use the herbal medicine for the treatment as well as the orthomolecular medicine, ie the therapy with high doses of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In doing so, the dialogue with the therapists in school medicine is very important to me. For I am convinced that medicine can have maximum success without dogma.

Even though methods and diseases have changed very much, my claim has remained the same: to help people and to treat them with little side effects in order to maintain their quality of life. ”