February 29, 2020 – Dr Randall Feuer MD

  • 02/29/2020 to 02/29/2020
    10:45am - 12:30pm
  • SPEAKER: Dr Randall Feuer MD FACILITATORS: Sharon Schwans & Rachel Slossen



Dr. Feuer trained under our Dallas-Fort Worth area Dr. Wilson on how to treat Lyme patients. Dr. Feuer is Dr. Wilson’s predecessor and has taken on Dr. Wilson’s former patients after his retirement.

Dr. Ronald Wilson’s practiced out of Denton, TX, and had been treating those with chronic and disseminated Lyme Disease and coinfections since 2004. Lyme disease had a devastating effect on his family.  Because of this, he has committed himself to improved treatment for those who suffer with Lyme disease.  To that end, he has attended every Ilads Conference since 2004, workshops, and has had to pleasure of participating in two preceptorships with recognized experts in the diagnosis and treatment of tickborne diseases. When he retired, he trained Dr. Randall Feuer to continue the mission of treating those suffering in Lyme.

“This has come at no small cost to me and my patients via the auspices of the Texas Medical Board.  I retired in 2010 from my OB/GYN and Lyme practice. However, it was obvious that the need for clinicians was too great to ignore.  So after the TMB took the asterisk off my license, I have returned to diagnose and treat patients for as long as I am allowed.”-Dr. Ronald Wilson.

I am Dr. Randall Feuer, a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I have been in practice in the Kingwood/Humble area for 25 years, and have taken on Dr. Wilson’s patients and continue to treat them under Dr. Wilson’s guidance.


“I’m excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge of tick-borne diseases with you and others at the North Texas Lyme Disease Support Group on February 29th. I am planning to discuss advances in treatment such as new Bartonella protocols that incorporate drugs for stationary dormant Bartonellosis, novel persister drugs  DSF and Dapsone which promise prolonged remissions from Lyme Disease. 

BIO: I was born and raised in Eastern Long Island, NY (Massapequa) which has a very high concentration of Lyme Disease cases. I moved to Houston in 1975 to attend Rice University. After graduating with honors as an Economics major with pre-med qualifications, I attended Baylor College of Medicine, also in Houston. Internship took me to Charity Hospital at New Orleans and then back to Houston for an OB/GYN residency at the University of Texas at Houston, after which I practiced OB/GYN in Kingwood, Texas for 32 years until I took over Dr. Wilson’s Lyme practice in January of 2019.  Dava and I have been married for 22 years and have two daughters, a son and two granddaughters. We live in Cypress, Texas near Houston with a horse, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 fish.
Despite all this prestigious education, I had virtually no knowledge of Lyme Disease until my wife, Dava, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Bartonellosis in 2013, after a 20-year mystery illness that took us to 15 different physicians.  Only after she found Dr. Wilson did we get a plan which could lead to remission.  At her first visit with Dr. Wilson, she turned to me and urged me to also get tested. My DNA test at IGeneX lab was positive for Borrelia burgdorferi and I also became Dr. Wilson’s patient. It became obvious to us that our then 7-year-old son Tanner had congenital Lyme Disease and Bartonella. Like so many other LLMDs I learned about the disease the hard way.
Since Dr. Wilson offered me his practice, I have attended 3 ILADS annual meetings, completed the full day basic treatment course, shadowed Dr. Wilson, shadowed Dr. Richard Horowitz and attended Dr. Horowitz’s intensive training course in tick-borne disease diagnosis and treatment.  I have had the honor to help patients with tick-borne diseases since January 7, 2019, in Spring, Texas on the northside of Houston.
Randall Feuer M.D.”