(REGISTRATION OPEN) Important Notice!! 

We expect this to be a heavly-attended event. You MUST REGISTER for this event. Once we hit 120 people, no more seats will be available as it is against regulations to have more than 120 people in the Community Room. It it is a fire hazard and mandated by the fire department. Please, no walk-ups.

Registration will end one week before the event on February 9 at 11pm.


February 16 , 2019, 10am-1pm                                                                                                                        Temple Baptist Church, School Cafeteria                                                                                                    6824 Randol Mill Road, Fort Worth, Texas 76120, east of 820
For ages 10 and older. Childcare not available.

DONATIONS: $5 donation entry at time of sign- up.(Sign up at At entry, you will receive two bingo cards and 5 tickets. Please bring a ]a bingo stamp. Donate $2, receive extra bingo card(s). Win tickets to bid on fun themed baskets and other items. Snacks available for purchase.Spin to Win extra tickets for $1 donation. Please pocket cash. No ATM on site.

Seats are limited. No walk-ups, please.

ADDITIONAL INFO: For more info, contact Martha at Proceeds go toward educating the DFW region on Lyme disease and providing support through the North Texas Lyme Group.Founded in 2010.

*We will be on a school campus, please no Alcohol or smoking.


Registration end 11pm February 9.



There Will Be Those Living With Lyme Attending, So We Need Your Help With The Following:

**No perfumes, hairspray, essential oils, food or any other scents, please. We have people who are highly senstive to smells and will get sick, such as symptoms like headaches nausea, from the smells. You may bring a drink. If you need to eat, and we understand this, please step out into the foyer and then return. If you have something like a protein bar, that is not noisey to eat and does not have a strong smell, please feel free to bring; you may eat that during the meeting. Salads, fruits, crunchy vegetables, chips, sandwiches, nuts, etc. need to be eaten in the foyer as they tend to lend smells and/or are crunchy.

Lets be sensitive the needs of all Lyme patients. Thank you for being understanding and considerate of everyone. 



North Texas Lyme Group (Dallas Fort Worth) Facebook Group · 334 membersIf you or a loved one has Lyme, Join Group This page is a safe place to ask questions and have conversations with others who have Lyme Disease. Because we want this to be a safe place.