We fit like your favorite pair of jeans. We smell like clean cotton sheets.
We pitch ideas like a major league MVP.


The C2 Group is a team of leading communications professionals skilled in helping you identify and better understand your target audience. We then spend time hanging out and understanding what you do and how you do it. Our work is about you; not us. We exist to help you shine and succeed.

Areas of specialty …
Consumer marketing.
We help you get into the mind of your customer and better understand them to better reach them.

Sports marketing. Looking to engage health nuts & sport fanatics? We understand what it takes to reach people with an active lifestyle and pull them in to sell your message in a compelling way that has deep, lasting impact.

New business start ups. When you’re consumed with the many details of getting your new business off the ground, let us help you develop your visual branding and ensure that you make as big of an impact as you’re wanting to.

Church communications. Are you familiar with the finer points of communicating to your church audience? So are we. But we know just what to do to engage them and set things up for a big impact on them.

Capital campaigns & fundraising. Educational institutions, donor events, stock IPOs … we’ve had a hand in a wide variety of fundraising efforts of the years.



The C2 Group is led by the husband-wife team of Jeff and Kristi Christian. With over 20 years experience in marketing communications they have worked in a wide variety of industries lending expertise in both business-to-business, consumer and non-profit marketing.

Before moving to Jackson in 2005, Kristi worked at the corporate headquarters of such top companies as Southwest Airlines, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Countrywide Home Loans. Jeff has worked with in-house agencies and design firms securing work for such leading corporations as Dr. Pepper/7-Up, Greyhound Bus Lines, Motel 6 and more. He also spent several years leading corporate communications for churches, most recently at Pinelake Church in Brandon, MS, ranked as one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the U.S.



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